Hello blogging world! I’m Jacki, an expat/ stay at home mumma of the cutest most stubborn little boy… and in my spare time, or when my toddler sleeps, I love to sew, craft, create and cook.

I’ve  been watching & “helping” my mum sew since I was a little girl, and she bought me my first ever sewing machine for my birthday in 2012!

In 2013, living in Melbourne (Australia), I had just decided that I wanted to “do something more” with my sewing… I even planned my brand name, thought up ideas & ordered some labels (‘Ginger Jac’)…. but as life goes, we packed up house and moved over to the other side of the world to Georgia (…the country, not the state…).

Soooo, we have been here now since January, and while I am still a SAHM in a predominately non-English speaking country, with access to loads of cheap fabrics, I’m going to use my time to learn more sewing techniques, and tackle some new & exciting sewing and craft projects…. and tell you all about it!



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