Pdf vs Printed

I’ve been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately, and have absolutely fallen in lust with some of the patterns that are popular at the moment… think Cambie Dress, gabriola skirt (ok EVERYTHING by Sewaholic… ) Scout Tee & Tiny Pocket Tanks (Grainline Studio), Miette Skirt (Tilly & the Buttons), Anna & Elisalex dresses (By Hand London), Bombshell Swimsuit (Closet Case Patterns)…

Oh but there are more… this is a short list and I’m sure it will keep me busy for a while!

I did head out today to try and find a printer here in Tbilisi….easier said than done… going to multiple places in a taxi and dragging along a 20 month old squirmy toddler…on a side note, I really miss ‘seatbelt straps’ in the supermarket trolley, my little monster cherub *cough cough* decides he’s had enough halfway through a weekly shop and tries to kamikaze out of the trolley, then I have to carry him while pushing around a full trolley.

I digress…

Realistically, if I wanted to pay the equivalent of $300 I could have easily gotten a basic scanner/printer at either of the 2 shops I visited, but since I paid under $100 in Australia for our last basic printer/scanner, I just felt like I was being robbed! And I don’t see the point in getting the printer without a scanner function these days, as especially living overseas, there is ALWAYS something to print, sign & scan…

Anyhow, so I got a ream of paper at the market, but came home empty handed on the printer. Boo. I had such grand plans for this evening…

I am also considering whether to order a few of the patterns in hard copies, as I actually don’t own any proper paper patterns and these Indie / Boutique designers patterns look really fancy as a printed pattern — Seriously, go onto the By Hand London website, and have a little drool at their patterns on their front page! TO. DIE. FOR.

On other TRES exciting news, my first Tbilisi bound fabric.com order should be ringing my metaphorical doorbell (as we are yet to get a doorbell…) in the next 2 hours….. EEEEEKKKKKK! I have some fabric intended for placemats and cushions (as funky homewares is a serious hole in the market in Tbilisi), some gorgeous Amy Butler lined up for a Miette Skirt (if I can just get the pattern….boooo). Pretty impressed with the cost of shipping as well – we use a freight forwarder service from USA so as long as its over $35 (uhhh of course!) I get free shipping to our USA mailbox then it was $15ish for the courier from USA – Georgia! WINNING!!

It may have to be a cushion/placemat/table runner/storage basket couple of days until I can get out of the house without the Bub and not have to worry about chasing a toddler around an electrical store while trying to talk in broken Georgian/English about printer attributes.

Ok BORING non-sewing type post today, but I was itching to post something – I will at least share some picture of some gorgeous cotton dress print that I found at the market yesterday (Think Cambie Dress!!) and a lining fabric that is going to go with one of the voiles that I bought last week – for a maxi skirt – I’m not sure how the print will go with a Gabriola Skirt, else I think I may just wing it with an elastic waist…

A printed voile and a lining fabric - possibly for a maxi skirt....!

A printed voile and a lining fabric – possibly for a maxi skirt….!




Pretty! I'm thinking a Cambie Dress for Summer?

Pretty! I’m thinking a Cambie Dress for Summer?


Fabric love

I’ve had to make a few tough choices in the last couple of days…. ie.. I put in an order each with Fabric.com and Hawthorne Threads, and had to choose fabric!! As we are in Tbilisi, Georgia, I had to limit the amount of fabric I chose as otherwise the cost of postage would have been more than the fabric itself!!

As I’m trying to challenge myself to some different sewing projects, I ordered some cotton voile, as well as a couple of knit fabrics, and the usual cottons for making a few baby items. I haven’t seen any of the gorgeous designer fabrics for sale over here in Georgia, I think they may get a lot of fabrics from Turkey, and honestly I don’t think that people here would pay the prices that fabrics are sold for in the USA/ Australia!

So after ordering some fabrics online and praying it arrives intact and in a very very fast manner, I sewed up some new strap covers for Bubba’s pram (as I only have fire engine or john deere fabric left in my stash at the moment!!)… then decided to head out to Lilo Market today. Lilo Market is the main / biggest marketplace here in Tbilisi, it is around 20-30 minutes drive, and has EVERYTHING you need. By everything, I mean it has a massive textiles section, clothing, kitchen/household goods, furniture, kids & baby goods, and hardware… Many of the textiles / fabric stalls have sheeting and curtain materials, but there are just as many, if not more stalls with every kind of cotton, lace, knit, voile, lawn & lining fabrics, plus more. And the best part about the market is that you can BARGAIN the price on the fabric. WHATTTT????? Bargain for fabric!? They also jack up the prices a bit when the shopowners realise you can’t speak Georgian, so I try and just speak in Georgian – so the conversation is basically:

Me: “Hello, how much?”

Shop owner: “7 Lari”

Me: “No, 5 Lari per metre”

Shop owner: “6 Lari”

Me: “Ok,ok ”

Thats all I have so was pretty impressed with myself for managing to bargain in Georgian!! 🙂

So I ‘only’ got 10m of fabric and paid around $3-4/m each. I got a few lovely fabrics which I think are a voile/lawn as they are a little sheer, a solid blue & white dot fabric which I am planning on making into the April Rhodes Staple Dress.

Fabric Stalls at Lilo Market in Tbilisi, Georgia

Fabric Stalls at Lilo Market in Tbilisi, Georgia


Fabric stalls at Lilo Market, Tbilisi

There are about 6 times as many stalls as you see in these pictures above…

Fabrics from Lilo Market

Fabrics from Lilo Market

My next project is to find a printer to buy as we don’t have one yet, and therefore can’t download/print any patterns!! I have so many that I can’t wait to try, especially with these gorgeous prints I bought today – I think I’ll start a blouse top tonight by using one of mine as an outline, so stay posted!

Jac x